May 18, 2009

Debugging: The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.

This error suggest that you don’t have the latest version of the code matching with the executable(.Dll/.exe) for the debug session.

Case 1: If you are attaching process to its excutable on different path

1. First build you application in debug mode.
(Say E:\app\debug)

2. Take backup of deployed application’s executable.
(Say C:\Program files\app\app.exe to C:\Program files\app\app123.exe).

3. Copy that executable from debug path in step 1 to
the attachable application’s path in step 2
(Say E:\app\debug\app.exe to C:\Program files\app\app.exe)

4. Copy the dependent Dlls, if needed.

And start your debugging by

  • Running that external application.
  • Then attaching your project to this application from Debug menu.

Case 2: In case your executable is in GAC

1. First build you application in debug mode.
(Say E:\app\debug)

2. Put it on some path
(Say E:\GacDlls)

3. Add this excutable to GAC.

and happy debugging.

Case very common:

If you are not holding any of the case or above solutions are of no use then try following

1. Look all modules are loaded for the current debugging session.
For this go to

   debug -> Modules
See all your modules are loaded. If any of the entries shows ‘cannot find or open PDB file’ right-click that module and say Load Symbols to browse for modules .PDB File.

if you can’t find Modules under Debug menu. Go to

Tools -> Customize
Find Debug item in Commands Tab on left list choose corresponding Modules item from right list and drag it to Debug menu.

2. Try to shutdown both IDE and external application(if any).
Reopen them, and try debugging.

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